Punjab Govt Importing Planes, Vehicles Despite Tanking Economy

Punjab Govt Importing Planes, Vehicles Despite Tanking Economy
It is imperative for the country to overcome its expenditure and shun undue imports in order to revive the economy, says Aijaz Ahmed.

Despite a downward economy, the government of Punjab is importing expensive planes and vehicles, the journalist told Khabar Say Aagay host Raza Rumi, on Thursday.

Speaking on the occasion, legal expert Abdul Moiz Jaferii said Miftah Ismail became a victim of racism as he is from Karachi and belongs to the memon community.

According to him, Ismail is still acting polite and humble; one can guess how the PML-N treats those who belong to a province other than Punjab.

Jaferii opined that Finance Minister Ishaq Dar speaks illogically of IMF conditions; it isn't possible for one to bargain and need money at the same time.

On Miftah's remarks, he seconded Ahmed, saying the ex-finance minister has apologised for his choice of words, but he, indeed, is a victim of racial discrimination and has every right to defend himself.

Khurram Husain said Pakistan would have, by now, gone past a difficult phase if Miftah was still in-charge of the country's financial affairs.

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