If They Can't Make Elections Happen, I Will: Zardari

If They Can't Make Elections Happen, I Will: Zardari
Amidst the uncertainty over elections and the prevailing political crisis, Pakistan People's Party (PPP) co-chair Asif Zardari has said that if "they can't make elections happen, I will," without specifying further.

"The polling will now take place when I'll have it done," he told PPP candidates from central Punjab at Bilawal House, Lahore, on Tuesday.

The veteran politician told his supporters to be patient, saying 'if you remain patient, the rewards would address your grievances'.

The PPP leader went on to add that the PPP, when in power, came up with economic solutions that took the foreign reserves to $24 billion. "I'll now take them to $100 billion." He also said, "the expenditure of the  military is blown out of proportion."

"There is a remedy for everything in politics, but those who don't know it end up impeding possibilities," he concluded.

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Amidst the political turmoil and fast approaching elections, the PPP appears to be priming itself in order to make a surprising comeback in the Punjab province, the country’s most populous federating unit that holds the key to national power.

The surest sign of this ascendancy came on June 1 with at least 25 electable from South Punjab – former MPAs and MNAs of the now dysfunctional Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) – joining PPP in Lahore.

Sources privy to this development informed The Friday Times that more electable – former MNAs and MPAs who now see no value in the PTI's ticket – are ready to join the party from the north, central and west Punjab.

Analysts say PPP has so far been the most accepting of PTI defectors and dissidents ahead of elections. A large number of politicians from south Punjab have clearly shifted their loyalty and more are in contact with the party's heavyweights. PML-N, the ruling party in center, has so far not been able to net in the fresh dissidents.