Such Gup

Such Gup

Wedding season

It must be the wedding season because hot on the heels of The Great Khan’s nuptials comes news of the second, hush-hush wedding of one of The Man of Steel’s leading stalwarts. Sources say the gent has married a PTV producer. Inspired guesses will be rewarded with a massive hamper of the best Kashmiri goodies.

And so it was!

A senior khaki from Southern Punjab asked a senior official of the civilian administration to remove wall chalking of sectarian and terrorist outfits. This was in the area’s second largest city. The civilian said, “ok, but give me a fortnight”. No way, said the senior khaki, I want it done in 24 hours. And so it was!

Litany of complaints

A litany of complaints ensued when Hubby visited Isloo last week. For one, he protested to The Man of Steel about the brothers’ carte blanche from those who go about nabbing people, while Hubby himself was still under a cloud. Second, he complained to the head honcho of the Invisible Soldiers Inc. about their comfy relationship with ZM, Hubby’s insider-detractor. The head honcho apparently pleaded innocence, at which Hubby is said to have quoted chapter and verse.

Fixed rates

For those who were trading votes in the recent Senate elections for KPK and poor, benighted Bal, the mantra was, “bhai, what can we do? This is the fixed rate. No discounts”. And the fixed rate was Rs 3 crore per vote. Multiply that by 17 votes and the sellers had a windfall of Rs 50 crore plus.