Ittefaq Nama

Ittefaq Nama
Gormint wants to bring me back, hain ji? Fust can it please bring Mr Shabbar Zaidi back, Chairman FBR, who has gone on indefinite leaf due to health reasons? What sort of gormint this is, which can’t even make a Chairman FBR, hain ji?

My spies have told me that Mraan Khan has interviewed many people for the job. He asked one of his favourite donors, “agar tumhein 2 mint kay liye Chairman FBR bana doon to kya karo gay?” The donor said, “2 mint? 2 mint mein to Maggi Noodles he bun saktay hain. Maggi Noodles bana doon ga”. Then he asked another candidate: “GST kya hai?” Candidate replied: “Goodnight, Sweedreams, Takecare!” He asked the thud candidate: “You have been sent by The Boyz. But I don’t want to hire you”. The candidate said, “That’s dangerous thinking. You’ll have to think of a good excuse”. Mraan replied, “I don’t need an excuse. You’re not even an economist”. “Oh but I am”, said the candidate, “I’m an economist 24/7, even at home”. “Really?” said Mraan, “what do you mean?” Candidate declared proudly, “Last month, on Valentine’s Day, I said to my wife, ‘despite a decade of inflation, I still like your supply curve!’”

Then Mraan said to him, “Look, if you were Chairman FBR and I told you we were strapped for cash, and we have no idea where we’re going to get it from, what would you do?” Candidate replied, “I’d be glad to hear that, because you might’ve had the idea you could ask the FBR to collect more taxes.”

You see, they are all use lass. I told Shbaaz Saab, “Please tell The Boyz that if they want to revive the economy, they will have to take the following urgent steps:

  1. Go into neutral gear.

  2. Let Mraan gormint fall.

  3. New elections.

  4. Do not rig new elections.

  5. PMLN farms gormint.

  6. Dar Saab becomes Finance Minister.

  7. Since I cannot be PM, I will be Minister of Defiance”.

Then Shbaaz Saab fainted.