Two Women Murdered In Punjab By Brothers In The Name Of 'Honour'

Two Women Murdered In Punjab By Brothers In The Name Of 'Honour'
Two women were murdered by their brothers in the name of honour, in two separate cases in Punjab today.

The first incident took place in Chichawatni, where a man killed his sister for bringing 'shame' to the family. The police have launched an investigation and a search operation to find and arrest the suspect.

The second incident took place in Okara, where a 22-year-old woman by the name of Sidra was murdered during a visit to her hometown to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr.

Sidra was a fashion model by profession, and according to reports by a local news channel, she allegedly got into a heated argument with her brother, who was displeased about her choice of career.

Police reports indicate that the suspect fled the scene of the crime, and search operations for his arrest are underway. The body of the deceased has also been shifted to the hospital for a postmortem.

In 2021, 218 women were murdered in Punjab and Sindh alone. The lack of proper initiatives taken by the leadership has only let this problem fester further. Spiritual and governmental leaders both consistently blame women for the harassment and violence they continue to face.

Former prime minister Imran Khan's said during an interview that "Men are not robots, ladies wearing small clothes impact them," thereby furthering the idea that women are responsible for the crimes committed against them.

Even spiritual leaders like Maulana Tariq Jameel fan the flames by issuing concerning statements such as saying that COVID-19 was unleashed on Earth because of the immodesty of women and how they dress and behave.

Until the political leadership steps up and takes strict initiatives to outlaw and ban the practice of 'honor killing', cases like these will continue to rise.