Imran Khan's Audio Call With A Powerful Man's Wife Recorded, Claims Journalist

Imran Khan's Audio Call With A Powerful Man's Wife Recorded, Claims Journalist
PTI chairman Imran Khan has been recorded talking to the wife of a very powerful man, claimed journalist Asad Ali Toor.

Toor further claimed that, that 'powerful man' is the head of one of the constitutional pillars of the state.

In a podcast on Friday, he said the duo can be heard speaking about a favour being given to PTI chief.

The journalist quoted his sources as saying that the woman in the conversation asked Imran as to what she would get in return if he got what he wanted from her husband.

He added that the two people in the phone call are apparently discussing about a possible offer to the former premier.

Toor said that the matter saw a twist when the person who recorded the call reached out to that head of the constitutional pillar of the state about his wife's audio leak.

Later, that powerful person called a renowned lawyer, who belongs to the anti-Fawad faction of the PTI.

To substantiate his point, the journalist said that the same faction recently won the Supreme Court bar elections, and the lawyer has 'Khan' as his surname.

Ironic for that head of the constitutional pillar, this second conversation was also recorded. On the call, the lawyer had advised him to refute the audio leak as fabricated, which he had agreed to.

The latest audio leak is among a slew of other clips allegedly belonging to various powerful politicians and judges.

On April 29, former Chief Justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar confirmed that his son, Najam Saqib, was indeed a part of an audio leak related to Punjab election tickets.

In the clip, Najam could be heard discussing distribution of tickets for the polls, scheduled for May 14.

The audio had two separate purported conversations between him and Abuzar Chadhar — PTI candidate from the PP-137 constituency — and another person whose identity remains unknown so far.

The three individuals were engaged in a discussion about the provincial assembly tickets issued by the party.