Kenya Floods Death Toll Mounts To 200

Cyclone Hidaya has continued to strengthen further, with wind speeds increasing to about 130 kilometers per hour.

Kenya Floods Death Toll Mounts To 200

As a storm tore toward the coast of Tanzania on Friday, the interior ministry said that the number of people killed in flood-related incidents that occurred in Kenya had surpassed 200. 

With flooding and landslides that have devoured houses, devastated crops, and displaced hundreds of thousands of people, East Africa has been battered by torrential rains. 

According to a statement from the interior ministry, 210 people have died in Kenya "due to severe weather conditions," with 22 deaths occurring in the last 24 hours. 

With 90 more people reported missing and almost 165,000 people displaced from their homes, there were concerns that the number may continue to grow. 

As cyclone Hidaya approaches, Kenya and neighboring Tanzania—where flooding has claimed at least 155 lives—are ready to face down strong gusts, rain, and waves along their coastlines.

Hidaya "strengthened to reach the status of a full-fledged cyclone," according to warnings from Tanzanian officials on Friday at 3:00 am local time (0000GMT), when it was around 400 kilometers away from the city of Mtwara in the southeast. 

"They stated in a weather bulletin that Cyclone Hidaya has strengthened even more, with wind speeds reaching approximately 130 km/h." 

According to Kenya's interior ministry, starting on Sunday, the cyclone is projected to "bring strong winds and large ocean waves, with heavy rainfall" along the coast.