Historical Throwback: Mowahid Shah, Abida Hussain Speak On Bosnia At Harvard

Historical Throwback: Mowahid Shah, Abida Hussain Speak On Bosnia At Harvard
In 1992, the Institute Of Politics at the John F Kennedy School Of Government held a panel discussion titled 'Ethnic Conflicts Exploding: How To Proceed In Yugoslavia?' Speakers included Bette Denich, Abida Hussain, Muhamed Sacirby, Mowahid Shah and Henry Steiner.

Abida Hussain was serving as Ambassador from Pakistan to the United States. "When the British empire collapsed a certain amount of conflict was left behind in different regions that had been governed by the British and so we find today as communism has in a sense disappeared the problems left behind are facing the world... the incapacity of the powerful nations of the world to address these issues seems to be growing as well," said Hussain.

Mowahid Shah was one of the first Pakistani lawyers admitted to the District of Columbia and US Supreme Court Bars. Shah who is attorney-at-law, author and policy analyst can be heard offering a deeper look at the situation as he starts off with contextual analysis starting from 1914 which led to WWI described by him "as the seminal event in the twentieth century."

He goes on to deliver some hard truths that may be forgotten by time today. "The Serbs have three hundred tanks, the Bosnians have two. The Serbs have two hundred armoured vehicles, while the Bosnian Muslims have none. The Serbs have planes with which they bomb Bosnia, the Bosnians have no bombs. This ladies and gentlemen is no war it is purely a massacre of the innocents."

Shah goes on to ask for military intervention in Bosnia as he cautions about there being repercussions that could "envelop Europe and envelop the Muslim world, and even vital American interests."