Victim Shot Dead By Brother Days After Gang-Rape In Sargodha

Victim Shot Dead By Brother Days After Gang-Rape In Sargodha
A 28-year-old woman was shot dead by her brother just days after she was gang-raped by four men in village Behk Lurka of tehsil Kot Momin in Sargodha.

The woman had allegedly been raped just days prior to her death by four men from an influential family in the area.  Although police had registered a case against the suspects, the victim's brother was reportedly frustrated that police had not taken further action.

In a fit of rage, the brother, along with two accomplices, shot his sister dead on Sunday before fleeing, according to police.  When later apprehended, he said he was also planning to kill the four alleged rapists.

The brother told police that he took matters into his own hands because he believed police were not doing enough.  He said that the family of the alleged rapists was pressuring his family to 'reconcile' with them.

Police claim that the rape suspects had obtained interim pre-arrest bail until February 11th.

Each year, hundreds of women in Pakistan are murdered by family members over perceived damage to “honour” that can involve eloping, fraternising with men, or any other infraction against conservative values that govern women’s modesty.

According to statistics from the Punjab Information Commission on behalf of the Punjab Police, in the last six months alone 2,439 women were raped, 9,529 were kidnapped, while 90 women were killed on the name of 'honour' in Punjab.