Fact Check: Did British Airways Suspend Operations In Pakistan Due To Fuel Shortage?

Fact Check: Did British Airways Suspend Operations In Pakistan Due To Fuel Shortage?
The Karachi Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has rejected reports that British Airways had suspended its operations in Pakistan due do the ongoing fuel shortage, saying that the decision was taken due to operational issues of the airline.

Earlier on Tuesday,  British Airways had announced the suspension of direct flights between Islamabad International Airport and London’s Heathrow Airport from June 15th to June 30th, due to unspecified 'operational changes'.

However, due to the vague nature of the announcement, Pakistanis on social media were quick to assume that the suspension of operation had something to do with the ongoing fuel crisis gripping the country.

Reports began to circulate suggesting that the decision by the airline was due to a shortage of fuel in Islamabad.



However, the CAA has issued a press release rejecting these reports.


According to the press release, British Airways flights will continue to operate until June 15, after which they will be halted till June 30, solely due to operational reasons of the airline.

"In addition PCAA has also taken report from supplier of aviation fuel at Islamabad Airport who confirmed that there is no shortage of fuel and storage tanks are full of product," it further said.

The statement said that the airline would soon issue a statement itself, adding that the local management of the British Airways was in contact with the Airport Manager PCAA in Islamabad.