Noor Mukadam's Murderer Zahir Jaffer Shifted To Adiala Jail Hospital

Noor Mukadam's Murderer Zahir Jaffer Shifted To Adiala Jail Hospital
Zahir Jaffer, who was given death sentence after being convicted of the murder of 27-year-old Noor Mukadam, has reportedly been shifted to Adiala Jail Hospital due to ‘weakness’ caused by refusing to eat his meals. He is said to be undergoing treatment.

According to reports by Saqib Bashir and Israr Rajput, Zahir Jaffer was shifted to the Adiala Jail Hospital last night (Monday), as he had been consistently refusing to eat his meals.

Rajput said that Zahir would either push his food away, or throw up after eating it, and as a result had grown significantly weak, which is why he was shifted to the hospital.

He said that previously, Zahir's father Zakir Jaffer, who was also incarcerated, would be called to come soothe his son during such an episode. Following the acquittal of Zakir, there was no one left to calm Zahir down, so the police management shifted him to the hospital.

Adiala Jail Super-Intendent Asad Warraich confirmed the transfer of Zahir when asked by Rajput. According to the jail SI, in addition to becoming weak, Zahir Jaffer also had 'psychological issues'.

At the Adiala Jail Hospital, Zahir is undergoing counseling with the assistance of counselors and therapists. While the SI had not been provided any report explaining his condition yet, he claimed that his behavior in the hospital was very similar to his behavior during the trials.

The medical tests are still taking place, and no medical report has been issued as of yet.

Previously, during the hearing of the case, Zahir Jaffer had shown up to court on a stretcher and a wheelchair on occasion, and an appeal had been submitted on his behalf, claiming that he should be medically evaluated to determine his sanity. He was thereafter declared medically fit for trial.