Wanted In UAE: British-Pakistani Zubair Yousaf On The Run After Assaulting Wife

Gulraz Anjam says she lost her unborn child, aged 5 months, as a result of the assault.

Wanted In UAE: British-Pakistani Zubair Yousaf On The Run After Assaulting Wife

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) are looking for a British Pakistani national, Zubair Yousaf, over a complaint made by his wife, Gulraz Anjam, to the police that Yousaf assaulted him so much at a Dubai flat that she fainted and ultimately aborted their unborn child.

According to the UAE police, the complaint has been made by Gulraz Anjam, who is one of many wives of Zubair Yousaf and who is also a British national.

According to the complaint, Zubair Yousaf assaulted his wife Gulraz in April 2024 when she questioned him about his relations with another woman and the lack of financial support. Zubair Yousaf assaulted her for nearly 30 minutes, strangled her, dragged her on the floor, and made her drink dirty water. “I lost our unborn child, aged 5 months, as a result of the assault. My husband Zubair Yousaf assaulted me with the intention to abort our baby,” she says in the complaint, asking the Dubai police to arrest him and prosecute him according to local laws.

Gulraz has, in her complaint, detailed the full history of her husband, stating that Zubair's past is marked by egregious criminal activities, including having ties with extremist terrorist groups and the criminal underworld.

She says: “Zubair Yousaf engaged in various fraudulent schemes, including using fake IDs to secure bank loans and purchase properties in the UK. For instance, in 2002/2003, he acquired the Pack Horse Pub for £125,000 in his sister's name, Afsheen Irfan, who was seeking asylum at the time. Zubair obtained this money through fraudulent means, including using fake IDs and securing bank loans, not only for this property but for several others as well.

“Between 2005 and 2007, Zubair also committed extensive fraud by transferring the freehold properties of landlords to fake IDs, amounting to approximately £7 million. These fraudulent activities led to police investigations and registered cases, which can be substantiated with records.”

According to UK records, in 2004/2005 he was arrested by the police and put in custody over a complaint made by his then partner Fahdia that Zubair Yousaf had raped her and assaulted her in the presence of her daughters. That partner, Fahdia, was previously married to a leading banker from Pakistan, with whom Zubair was a driver, prior to his immigration to the UK. After Zubair Yousaf was settled in the UK, Fahdia fled with Zubair Yousaf to the UK with her three young daughters, abandoning her banker husband. The rape allegations were later withdrawn, and Zubair Yousaf was released.

Soon afterwards, however, Zubair Yousaf fled to Pakistan owing to the massive banking frauds he had committed. According to Gulraz Anjam, Zubair Yousaf took Pakistan around £6 million, which he had obtained from banks through fraudulent means, as bridging loans against properties obtained through dubious means.

“He was involved in money laundering, banking fraud, forgery, violence, mortgage fraud, and manipulation of the then-lax banking system in the UK. He literally stole millions from the UK banks,” Gulraz Anjam has shared with the Dubai police.

He decided to flee the UK as he came under investigation from the UK authorities during 2005–2007. He stayed for nine years in Pakistan and didn’t enter the UK, taking advantage of the statute of limitations on civil suits in the UK. Upon his return to the UK in 2015, he set up several companies and continued his fraudulent activities, including VAT frauds and loan scams, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gulraz Anjam has shared evidence with the UAE authorities that Zubair Yousaf is under investigation by the Manchester City Council for falsely claiming business rate relief and by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) for VAT fraud. According to her, Zubair Yousaf is also under investigation for the loan fraud and bank defaults. According to his wife, he left the UK three years ago and has not returned to the country to avoid the on-going investigations.

Gulraz Anjam, who lives in Manchester, has said in her complaint that she has evidence that during his stay in Pakistan, Yousaf developed connections with terrorist organizations like Daesh and Taliban militants and raised funds for them. He became so involved with the extremist militant groups that an intelligence agency in Pakistan took him into custody and questioned him.

Zubair's criminal activities extended beyond the UK, as evidenced by his involvement in property fraud in Pakistan in 2022–2023. He resorted to murder plots and falsified documents in his fraudulent schemes, resulting in numerous cases filed against him by the Pakistani government, as documented in FIRs.

Gulraz Anjam has handed over a full file on Zubair Yousaf to the Dubai police, which shows that he has around a dozen cases of money-laundering, fraud, intimidation, murder plots, and forced occupation of properties registered against him.

These cases are registered at Rawalpindi, Murree, Islamabad, Jacobabad, Shikarpur, Sohbatpur, and Sanghar under references F.I.R. 3212, 396, 314, 849, 35, 302, 148, 149, 447, and 511.

The police in Rawalpindi and Islamabad have confirmed that Zubair Yousaf is on their wanted list. “He has fled to the UAE after we tried to arrest him. He is involved in serious crimes like murder conspiracies, violent attacks, banking fraud, money laundering, and terrorism-related activities,” said a police officer in Rawalpindi who has worked on the cases against Zubair Yousaf.

Gulraz Anjam says in her complaint: “As a victim of Zubair Yousaf's deceit and manipulation, I urge authorities to take swift action to apprehend him and prevent further harm to innocent individuals. I possess ample evidence, including police reports from the UK, UAE, and Pakistan, documenting his criminal activities. It is imperative that justice is served and measures are taken to ensure the safety of others. I have all the evidence, and I just want to make sure no one else gets harmed like I was. Zubair Yousaf has scarred me for life. He has ruined my life and the lives of many other innocent women. It’s now the mission of my life to save others from this cruel man and his manipulations.”

Zubair Yousaf has a history of marrying women, according to Gulraz Anjam. According to records, he has married around eight women so far and has fathered between 10 and 12 children from these marriages. He has abandoned all wives and maintains marital relations with three at this time.