1-Week-Old Mianwali Girl Killed By Father Because He Wanted A Boy

1-Week-Old Mianwali Girl Killed By Father Because He Wanted A Boy
A one-week-old girl was shot dead by her father in Mianwali because he had wanted a son. The police reported that the incident took place in Mohalla Noorpura in Punjab.

The accused escaped the crime scene following the murder. The police have said that he is currently at large.

In a statement, National Commission for the Dignity of Women Chairperson Nilufer Bakhtiar confirmed the incident, saying that the perpetrator committed the crime for want of a boy. She vowed to ensure that the perpetrator is brought to justice. Nilufer Bakhitar also said that the constitution of Pakistan guarantees human rights, especially women's rights, and that women's rights are of particular importance.

Similar cases of familicide are not uncommon in Pakistan. Earlier this year, a father reportedly smothered to death his six-year-old daughter to spite his wife. His wife had threatened divorce, after which her husband decided to kill their daughter out of resentment.

Violence against women is even more prevalent. In Punjab, police reported 2,439 women were raped, 9,529 were kidnapped, and 90 women were killed on the name of ‘honour’ from July to December 2021.

Historically, daughters have often been considered an economic burden for South Asian households. A 2022 study by the London School of Economics found that couples avoid contraceptive methods and will have multiple children in an effort to bear a son. An earlier study found that mother's of sons are typically more involved in household decisions, than mothers of only daughters.