Senior Govt Leader Told PTI 'No Elections Under Bandial', Asad Toor Reveals

Senior Govt Leader Told PTI 'No Elections Under Bandial', Asad Toor Reveals
The coalition government has made it clear to PTI that under no circumstances will the elections be held with Umar Ata Bandial as the chief justice of the country, according to Asad Ali Toor.

The journalist added that he had a conversation with a senior member of the government side, who is a part of the talks team representing the ruling alliance.

In a podcast on Saturday, he said that the senior member told the arch-rivals that they were serious with regard to deciding a date for the polls.

But, he maintained, the elections are not a possibility under the incumbent CJ. "He also told them that if PTI pushed further, the polls may not be held this year at all."

Toor said that if Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is a popular political party, which it is, there should be no issue putting the elections on hold for just a few months.

A day earlier, Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial said that the top court would not “sit idle” with regard to its decision for election on May 14 if the talks failed.

He observed that negotiations would only take place “if both the parties were interested”, and expressed displeasure over the two sides’ “lack of interest” for a substantial dialogue.

The top judge reminded the court that the apex court had given time to the two political parties to see if they agree on a date for polls.

While reiterating that the court will uphold the Constitution, CJ Bandial adjourned the proceeding, saying an appropriate order will be issued later.

The hearing was seen as a way to allow the parties more time to reach consensus and take the matters of the election forward, and resolve the issue once and for all.

According to the Election Commission, it does not have the funds or the security to conduct elections in Punjab on May 14.