Gaza Genocide: Israel Vows To Continue Rafah Operation

Qatar's foreign ministry says its delegation will head to Cairo on Tuesday to resume indirect negotiations between Israel and Hamas.

Gaza Genocide: Israel Vows To Continue Rafah Operation

Palestinian fighting group Hamas accepted a Gaza ceasefire proposal from mediators on Monday, but Israel said the parameters did not fulfill its demands and continued its bombings in Rafah while negotiating a compromise. 

Israeli forces bombarded Rafah on Gaza's southern border from the air and ground, forcing inhabitants to flee portions of the city, which has housed over a million displaced Palestinians.

In a short statement, Hamas stated that its leader, Ismail Haniyeh, had notified Qatari and Egyptian mediators that the group had accepted their ceasefire proposal. 

Subsequently, the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that although Israel was not satisfied with the truce plan, Israel would nevertheless send a delegation to meet with mediators in an attempt to resolve the issue. 

Resuming indirect talks between Israel and Hamas, a team from Qatar's foreign ministry announced it would depart for Cairo on Tuesday.