President Zardari Stresses Need For Dialogue To Resolve Balochistan's Issues

Zardari says Balochistan's barren lands will be made capable of increased agricultural production and thus increased employment opportunities

President Zardari Stresses Need For Dialogue To Resolve Balochistan's Issues

President Asif Ali Zardari emphasised on Monday the need for dialogue in addressing and resolving Balochistan's numerous issues. 

At a dinner in Quetta given by Chief Minister of Balochistan Sarfraz Bugti, President Zardari stated, "Balochistan's issues should be solved through dialogue."

President Zardari expressed these remarks during his three-day official visit to Balochistan. This was his first trip to the province since he was sworn in for the second time as the president of the country. 

Standing with Chief Minister Bugti and recently sworn-in Governor Sheikh Jaffar Khan Mandokhail, President Zardari reiterated the government's dedication to Balochistan's progress, referring to it as a "priority."

The president emphasized Balochistan's "special importance" because of its coastline and mineral reserves while assuring that the region's arid areas will be transformed into areas with higher agricultural productivity. 

"Balochistan's mineral resources need to be extracted in a modern way. The province has oil and gas, but to date, we have not developed this sector on modern lines," he stated. 

"It is high time to extract the natural resources of Balochistan to meet the country's economic needs," Zardari said. 

His comments coincide with the fact that Balochsitan has been dealing with a number of difficulties on several fronts, the most notable of which being security and climate change-related problems.

President Zardari said that the 18th Amendment was introduced to further solidify and expand the powers of the provinces.

He also mentioned that the purpose of the 18th Amendment's introduction was to fortify and expand the powers of the provinces. 

Speaking at the ceremony, Chief Minister Bugti praised Zardari's visit to Balochistan, describing it as an example of the president's cordial relationship with the people of the province. 

The chief minister reiterated President Zardari's call for dialog, stating that political discussions are a viable means of resolving the province's problems.