American Celebrities Urge Biden For Gaza Ceasefire 

‘The plea from these American celebrities highlights the growing global distress over the situation in Gaza.’

American Celebrities Urge Biden For Gaza Ceasefire 

American celebrities, including Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lopez, have sent an open letter to President Joe Biden requesting an immediate truce in the continuing violence in Gaza.

Celebrities from Hollywood have joined forces to demand a stop to the rising bloodshed in Gaza, which has resulted in considerable Palestinian fatalities as a result of Israeli bombings.

A letter headed 'Artists 4 Ceasefire,' signed by a number of musicians, actresses, comedians, and famous Hollywood celebrities, urged the Biden administration to quickly lobby for and aid in securing a ceasefire, putting an end to the bombing in Gaza.

According to the letter, "half of Gaza's two million population is comprised of children, and more than two-thirds are refugees and their offspring who have been forced to flee their homes." It is critical that humanitarian help be allowed to reach them."

The letter went on to say, "At the time of writing, over the past 12 days, more than 6,000 bombs have been deployed in Gaza, resulting in the tragic loss of one child's life every 15 minutes."

Life in Gaza is becoming increasingly miserable, with Palestinians experiencing severe food, water, and energy shortages, as well as worsening circumstances by the day.

The plea from these American celebrities underlines the rising worldwide outpouring of concern over the situation in Gaza, with pleas for a speedy and peaceful end to the conflict that has caused misery to innocent civilians.