Is Pakistan A Mishandled State?

Is Pakistan A Mishandled State?
Political instability has been Pakistan’s hallmark. But it has not suffered the way it is suffering now. The state is not in control of sensitive data and the confrontational politics led by the government and opposition is unprecedented.

The establishment of Pakistan has never suffered a division as its unity of command has been able to withstand domestic and international pressures. But given the recent leaking of audio clips, it seems that the establishment is being dragged into the kind of political morass like never before. More precisely, it indicates that a division within is fighting seriously and dangerously that may have dangerous repercussions for the state and society.

Besides, there is a serious division within the society, reflecting that behind-the-scene tactics are used for politicians’ character assassination. In this game of political expediency, both the government and opposition are deeply mired. They think that they are benefiting from these dark political maneuverings but in reality they are not just destroying the democratic culture of Pakistan but also pose a serious threat to the security of the country -- by making its respected institutions political. They are forcing them to play a partisan role despite the promised neutrality, which is their constitutional duty.

What's more, the mishandling of the state is not just limited to the dragging of the establishment into political quagmire. The superior courts are also on track of losing their already diminished credibility as its overturning its previous judgments. It has grossly reflected in the fabricated charges imposed on Maryam Nawaz in the Avenfield reference. Overturning it has proved that the courts had earlier played a partisan role so as to politically victimize Nawaz.
There cannot be a more gross example of mishandling of this state than the loss of "cipher" by Imran Khan. He has admitted that he didn't know where the cipher has gone.

Seemingly, the courts and state agencies have failed to establish the writ of the state as they have become a partner in the deterioration and destruction of state's organs. The main reason behind this regression is that the powers that be are uncontrollable in their political intrigues and engineerings. Unless they stop engaging with politics, Pakistan cannot recover and heal up from the incurred political wounds of the hybrid era. Neutrality is thus a good thing. But those who have been addicted to it should be taught a lesson if this downward trajectory of state is to be stopped.

There cannot be a more gross example of mishandling of this state than the loss of "cipher" by Imran Khan. He has admitted that he didn't know where the cipher has gone. He has conceded it on a TV show interview. It is seriously panicking to think that how can Imran Khan lose a sensitive document that too on which he has based a big political case of conspiracy. Is there a similar example of callousness found in the history of Pakistan?

Pakistani does not deserve this. It should not suffer this kind of madness and mishandling and recklessness. It is deeply regrettable for any patriotic Pakistani.

The panacea to ills of Pakistan is neutrality of power centres such as the establishment, agencies and courts. Any more engineered political experiment - made by the establishment and implemented via courts - could prove catastrophic for wellbeing of Pakistan. Else, the state will be mishandled at the expense of short-term political gains only.

Aqsa Batool: The writer is a freelance columist. Shahzaib Hassan: The writer is a security analyst and hold a degree in Security Studies.