'Spoon-Feed People Mir Jafar Narrative', Imran Allegedly Says In Latest Audio Leak

'Spoon-Feed People Mir Jafar Narrative', Imran Allegedly Says In Latest Audio Leak
Another audio leak -- second of two in the day-- allegedly featuring PTI chairman Imran Khan telling party leaders Asad Umar and Shireen Mazari that the use of the controversial cipher created "fertile ground" for his Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq" narrative surfaced on Friday.

In the second of two leaks, Umar can allegedly be heard saying that whatever the party had done on the cipher (cited as evidence of an international conspiracy by the PTI) should have been done days earlier. Khan can then be heard saying that response to the "letter" had exceeded party expectations the world over. Mazari can be heard interjecting that China had even released a statement "condemning American meddling" in internal affairs of Pakistan.

The PTI chief can be heard saying the people need to be "spoon-fed" the party's "Mir Jafar, Sadiq" narrative to ensure whoever votes against the then PTI-led government in the National Assembly is branded a traitor "for life".

An alleged audio leak of former prime minister Imran Khan has surfaced earlier in the day where he is supposedly talking about 'buying' five lawmakers and allegedly strategising on how to acquire more. In the audio leak, a voice supposedly belonging to Imran Khan can be heard saying, "If you think the number game is over, you are mistaken, don't think this is over yet."


The PTI chairman says that the next 48 hours are "very important" and many big things will happen, adding he had been making moves that could not be made public."

Khan then says that he is "buying" five lawmakers. This will signal that these are five very important lawmakers. "Tell him. If he can get us another five lawmakers and we get ten the game will be very much in our hands," he allegedly says.

"The nation is alarmed. They want us to win come what may.  Don't fret over what is right or wrong," Khan says allegedly.  Even managing to break away one would make a huge difference, he says.