Aitchison College Has Refused To Implement Single National Curriculum: Education Minister

The Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB) has sent a letter to Aitchison College over its apparent refusal to 'implement' the controversial Single National Curriculum.

The letter was shared on social media by Punjab Information Minister Murad Raas, who wrote that the letter was sent to Aitchison College Lahore for “not implementing Single National Curriculum in its entirety by Punjab Curriculum Textbook Board as the school was prescribe books which have not been approved by the board.

The minister further added that there were “zero exemptions” on the implementation of the Single National Curriculum.

“I will not let anyone challenge the writ of the government,” he said.

The letter, dated August 25, was addressed to Michael A Thompson, the principal of Aitchison College. It was signed by the PCTB managing director.


The letter mentioned that the PCTB reviews and issues No Objection Certificates (NOCs) to books after “due process, not on the request of the educational institute, but on the request of book developers.”

The letter requested the college to “kindly not prescribe books which have not been granted an NOC.”

The letter included a list of books whose status was apparently sought by the Aitchison College principal. These included books on primary level science, Urdu, calligraphy, English and mathematics.

The list showed that some of the books had been granted an NOC, while others had not yet submitted their requests for approval.

Earlier in August, Federal Minister for Education Shafqat Mahmood had also denied that the all-boys schools will not be implementing the SNC. In a tweet, Mahmood wrote: “There is no exemption for Aitchison college or any other school.”

The SNC has become a hotly contested subject. Although provinces under the ruling party have announced that they will be implementing it for grades 1 to 5 this academic session, Sindh has a stance against it. Meanwhile in Lahore, elite private schools including the Aitchison College, have started their new session without the SNC, even though the government ordered the private education sector to follow suite.

Principal writes letter to parents

Meanwhile, Aitchison College principal has written a letter to the parents of the students, in response to the education minister's 'extraordinary tweet'. "I am sure parents who know me would understand that Aitchision is conducting its educational program in the right spirit."