Road Co-Named After Pakistan’s National Poet Allama Iqbal In New York

Road Co-Named After Pakistan’s National Poet Allama Iqbal In New York
An avenue in New York, the most populated metropolis in the United States, has been jointly named "Allama Iqbal Avenue" as Pakistan's Independence Day approaches.

Ali Rashid, President of the American-Pakistani Advocacy Group, has received praise from Ambassador Masood Khan for taking the initiative to co-name "Allama Iqbal Avenue" on the street.

Iqbal is an international icon and a symbol of Pakistani nationhood. He was the one who had the vision of the Muslims of the Sub-Continent having their own country, which was realized in 1947.

"New York is the most well-known metropolis, and naming an avenue after our national poet would cement Pak-US ties and serve as a source of pride for the Pakistani diaspora not just in New York City but throughout the United States," he added.

Additionally, he praised Rashid for his tireless efforts to improve ties between Pakistan and the US and raise understanding of Pakistan's history and culture in the country.

As you may remember, Rashid and APAG played a key role in proposing a resolution to the US House of Representatives that would declare March 23, 2023, as "Pakistan Day."

The co-naming of 109 Street and 101 Avenue in Richmond Hill, Queens, New York, honors one of Pakistan's most important leaders while also recognizing the country's rich cultural legacy, according to a statement from the Pakistani Embassy in Washington.

"His legacy continues today in the thriving Pakistani community that has enriched New York City's cultural landscape."