'Thoshakhan': Bushra Bibi Instructs Zulfi To Sell Imran Khan Watches In Latest 'Leak'

'Thoshakhan': Bushra Bibi Instructs Zulfi To Sell Imran Khan Watches In Latest 'Leak'
A purported audio leak allegedly featuring former first lady Bushra Bibi and former SAPM Zulfi Bukhari looking into selling prohibitively-priced watches in possession of former PM Imran Khan has surfaced in the latest in a string of similar 'leaks'.

Firebrand PML-N MPA Hina Butt shared the 'leak' on Thursday using micro-blogging site Twitter. "Murshid Paak (peer-reviewed)* caught red-handed selling watches," she said.

In the 21-second clip, Bushra purportedly initiates a conversation about the watches, saying, “There are a few [watches] of Khan Sahib who wants them to be delivered to you so you could sell them.” She adds, “These watches are not in his use so he wants them to be sold off.” The short talk concludes with Zulfi responding, “Sure, murshid. I will do it.”

Khan's Toshakhana scandal hit the headlines last month again when Dubai-based businessman Umar Zahoor claimed he was contacted by Bushra’s confidante Farah Khan over the sale of a  Rs2 billion masterpiece.

Refuting the claim, Khan had  then vowed to take those proliferating such allegations to court world over.

The former first lady made headlines earlier in July after an alleged recording of a conversation wherein she directed Arsalan Khalid, former secretary of the PTI’s social media team, to accuse party opponents of treason surfaced.

*Pun intended.