ISI, IB Find Imran Guilty Of Violating SC Orders During Long March: Report

ISI, IB Find Imran Guilty Of Violating SC Orders During Long March: Report
Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Intelligence Bureau (IB) and the Islamabad police have found that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leadership knowingly violated Supreme Court orders during their long march last month, by encouraging supporters to reach D-Chowk instead of the court-mandated H-9.

After the Supreme Court instructed law enforcement agencies such as the director-generals of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Intelligence Bureau (IB), IG Islamabad, interior secretary and others on June 1, the agencies prepared separate reports to ascertain whether the PTI had violated orders by instigating its' supporters to reach Islamabad' D-Chowk, as per reported in The Express Tribune.

According to the reports, PTI Chairperson Imran Khan had been informed of the courts' order to change the venue of the long march to H-9 before he announced to the long march participants to reach D-Chowk.

The report also contained statements of various PTI leaders, to help identify when they instigated the crowds to head towards the Red Zone on May 25.

One of the reports claims that Imran threatened civil servants with dire consequences if hurdles were created for the marchers. It claimed that at the time when Khan's speech on May 26 ended, there were still around 4000-5000 people entering the Red Zone.

The reports also indicate that PTI activists burnt 315 trees in Blue Area, and more than three dozen people were injured, one of whom was female.

Previously, when the Supreme Court had directed the concerned agencies to probe into PTI's alleged violation of its orders, it asked them to find out the exact details of the violation.

"When, where and how did the crowd cross the barricade to enter a hitherto closed area. Was the crowd entering the Red Zone organised or supervised or did it move randomly? Were there any acts of provocation or breach of assurance by the government?" the judges asked.