Such Gup

Such Gup

End of her tether

Poor Ayyan Ali, now famous starlet and cash smuggler. She’s stuck in prison with her powerful patron having abandoned her, lest association with her tar him with the brush of money laundering, which is what she was caught doing at his behest some weeks ago at Islamabad airport. Slowly, she was beginning to get a better deal but the media got wind of it, and Ayyan’s arms length backer got cold feet and beat a hasty retreat. Ayyan is now stuck in a prison ward with 8 -12 women, most of them drug pushers, and hardened criminals. She has none of the luxuries she craves and has to use a communal loo, other than consuming ordinary food with the others, and as it gets hotter and hotter, no recourse to air-conditioners or such like. Our mole in the prison says the poor woman is going round the bend, and is at the end of her tether, breaking down and crying uncontrollably.

Panic stations

Our mole in the city by the sea tells us that in their endeavour to apply the rod evenhandedly, the khakis had rounded up eight senior civil servants and begun an enquiry into the doings of Hubby & Co. Apparently, the officials were singing like canaries and had cited chapter and verse on how the law is routinely subverted and bucks made. This exercise set off panic stations at Hubby & Co’s headquarters, and there were howls of protest. The khakis were persuaded to let it go for the time being and the eight officials were sent back to their desks.

An absolute minimum

They say The Great Khan’s new spouse has a tendency to talk a lot, and talk big, especially about herself. The Khan is no henpecked husband and we hear he’s told her to keep her natter to an absolute minimum, which is why there’s been no news of her for sometime.