Will Imran Khan's Long March Be Of Any Use?

Will Imran Khan's Long March Be Of Any Use?
On one hand Imran Khan claims there has been a conspiracy and on the other hand he claims this audio file is fake. If this is the case, then the file needs to be verified. But the real issue is what the PTI voters have to say as in whether they believe that their leader could be a fraud or a liar. If this file causes no damage to the PTI then there is reason to be concerned and if it does damage the PTI then the matter needs to be addressed by Parliament.

The flow of audio files indicates that there is no doubt that the PM House is bugged says Najam Sethi. However, what is concerning is that there are intelligence agencies all over the world and they all conduct similar activities such as recordings; but they do not leak them.

To date Imran Khan has used every tactic to win but again, it is the voters upon whom responsibility lies in how they refuse to accept any shred of evidence as the truth. Instead of looking at the greater good for the country, their focus is on Imran Khan’s success. Their mentality boils down to what Imran Khan lies is the truth and what he does not like is fake.

On one hand the PTI claims they do not want to go to Parliament, on the other they insist on talks. Do the voters not see this? The country is lurching from one crisis to another and this long march, which will not bring down the current government, will only add to the mess.