US offers ‘Support’ To Israel After Hamas Attack

Biden has warned any other party hostile to Israel from taking advantage of the volatile situation

US offers ‘Support’ To Israel After Hamas Attack

Following the attack on Saturday by Hamas, US President Joe Biden promised Israel "appropriate means of support" during a phone conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

As part of its "Operation Al-Aqsa Storm," the Palestinian resistance group Hamas fired 5,000 rockets into Israel from Gaza before entering regions in the southern portion of the nation with armed personnel.

The US president stated that following an attack by the pro-Iran group Hamas, "the United States was ready to offer all appropriate means of support" to Israel.

The two leaders spoke on the phone as Israel's N12 News reported that there were now 100 victims from the Hamas attack. The two leaders met in New York last month amid tense relations.

Biden defended Israel's right to "defend itself" and cautioned any other anti-Israel party against exploiting the tense situation.

"The United States warns against any other party hostile to Israel seeking advantage in this situation," he stated.

The assault occurred as Biden and his staff worked to broker a defense agreement between the US and Saudi Arabia and a normalization accord between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, according to the Palestinian health ministry, there were "198 martyrs and 1,610 wounded with different injuries" in the conflict after Israel launched retaliatory airstrikes in the Gaza Strip.

Additionally, reports suggest that Hamas fighters have kidnapped a number of Israeli citizens.

A security source said that the Israeli military was aware of reports of hostages but gave no more information. An Israeli military spokeswoman declined to respond at a press conference.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office said he would meet top security officials in the coming hours, and Gallant authorized the call-up of reservists.