No Plan Of Working With Kapil Sharma Again, Says Sunil Grover

No Plan Of Working With Kapil Sharma Again, Says Sunil Grover
On The Kapil Sharma Show, the iconic fictional characters played by Sunil Grover, Gutthi and Dr Mashoor Gulati, became highly popular. However, following a huge conflict with Kapil Sharma, the actor-comedian departed the show in 2018.

Sunil Grover left the show due to that fallout that took place. But now, Grover has finally opened up if he has plans on collaborating with Kapil anytime soon.

Sunil was asked if he was willing to work with Kapil again in an interview with an Indian news portal. He said he had no plans to work with Kapil Sharma again.

He stated: "There is nothing like that, or ask him then. I am also busy right now and enjoying what I am doing. He is also busy and doing good work. I am also doing good work. I have already enjoyed my phase of non-fiction and am currently liking the fiction setup, gaining new experiences as a performer. I am having fun. There are no such plans right now."

Sunil's statement shows that he is pretty much satified with his current work portfolio. Surprisingly, Kapil has often stated in interviews throughout the years that Sunil is always welcome on his show, Comedy Nights with Kapil.

Sunil also spoke about suffering from a Heart attack and what he learnt from that situation. "The organs in our body are not aware of who is popular and who's not. They can stop working for anybody, they also don't know about morals. A lalaji had a health problem and said 'maine to aajtak kisi ka bura bhi nahi kiyo, mere saath ye ke haigyo (I never harmed anyone, why this happened to me)'. The body is not aware of who did what. The thief who ran away with his gold chain turned out to be healthy," he said.

Sunil added, "What I am saying is that running is important. Take care of your health, anyone can have a health issue. If someone suffers a health problem unfortunately, face it and come out of it victorious to lead a healthy life. Do follow a health routine and what doctors say about eating or not eating certain foods. Neem-hakim ke chakkar mein na padein (don't be fooled by charlatans and imposters)."