Internet Services Restored In Pakistan After Brief Disruption

'Outage could have been caused by the submarine cable being affected.'

Internet Services Restored In Pakistan After Brief Disruption

After a brief disruption on Tuesday, internet connections were restored nationwide. 

Although the cause of the brief internet connectivity outage remained unknown, insiders speculated that it may have been caused by a malfunctioning underwater cable. 

According to sources in the sector, the outage seems to be an internal issue.

Users of the internet service provided by Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd. also reported the outage, as documented by Downdetector, an online resource that provides real-time data on a variety of websites and services. 

Other services on the platform also displayed a decline in connection around this time.

In the past two months, internet access in Pakistan has been interrupted twice. 

Prior to this, on February 8, the telecom regulator blocked access to the internet for almost the whole day. 

For security concerns, the internet was shut down, and voters had connectivity problems all day on election day, especially while they were going to the polling stations.