'Coded Conversation' Between Khan, Attock Jail Official Triggers Concerns

'Coded Conversation' Between Khan, Attock Jail Official Triggers Concerns
Following an alleged "coded conversation" between a jail official and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan, the management of Attock Jail has decided to undertake a security audit of every staffer, The News reported.

The sources told the reporter that several remarks the administration is unable to interpret were heard on the audio of the prison official's chat with Khan.

More than 150 jail employees at Attock Jail would have their entire biodata transmitted to the Special Branch and other organizations for security clearance.

Additionally, it has been ordered to create reports on the staff members working in the Attock jail as soon as possible, using security clearance to determine whether they have any affiliations with extremist groups or other activities, including political party membership.

The jail, which was built in 1906, often kept more than 1,000 inmates. However, the jail only has C-class facilities, and they have around 700 inmates.

According to the sources, a plan to move more than 100 prisoners to Adiala and other jails is also being considered due to security concerns.

Khan was imprisoned after being found guilty in the Toshakhana case and given a three-year term by an Islamabad court.

During a meeting with his lawyer on Monday, the PTI chairman expressed his concerns about the climate in the prison, where flies were occupying his cell during the day and insects at night.

The PTI has also made a request for his relocation to Adiala and A-Class facilities in writing to the Islamabad High Court.