Saba Qamar Receives UAE Golden Visa

Saba Qamar Receives UAE Golden Visa
Actress Saba Qamar has revealed that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has awarded her a golden visa.

The well-known performer expressed her thanks to the Gulf country on Instagram on Tuesday, writing that she cannot thank them enough "for opening your home to me" for the golden visa.

Additionally, Saba thanked the consultants for their outstanding assistance and support throughout the entire process.

"I want to thank the amazing government of UAE for honoring me with the Golden Visa, can't thank you guys enough for opening your home to me. This entire process wouldn't have been possible without the help of @gcclegalconsultants. You guys have been a great support. Lots and lots of love your way!" she said.

A thread of images featuring the flags of Pakistan and the UAE was also posted by Qamar.

The golden visa is a long-term residency visa that allows international talent to live, work, or study in the country while enjoying special privileges, according to the official website of the UAE government.

The golden visa is also available to frontline heroes, investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, and graduates who have excelled in their fields.