Pak Journalists Tear Into British Reporter Attempting to School Pakistanis

Pak Journalists Tear Into British Reporter Attempting to School Pakistanis
The Friday Times editor Raza Rumi on Friday schooled 'patronising' British journalist David Rose after he posted a Twitter thread sharing his two cents on the Daily Mail tendering an apology to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif over the 2019 publication of report alleging that that the Sharifs had misappropriated United Kingdom aid money.

"THREAD. There seems to be some confusion in the Pakistani media about the end reached yesterday to the defamation cases brought by @CMShehbaz and Ali Imran Yousaf against he Mail on Sunday," he commenced the thread as.

"The Empire is OVER bro," Rumi said commented while quoting the thread. Rumi also called for an end to the Pakistani media or Pakistanis being patronised as if they were unable to comprehend what the Daily Mail said in its apology (to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif) and what deleting a report from a site meant.

"Stop sounding patronizing about Pakistani media and Pakistanis (oh these poor chaps…) as if they can’t understand the text published by Daily Mail or the act of removing an article from a website. The Empire is OVER bro."

British newspaper Daily Mail on Thursday apologised to Shehbaz over a 2019 story accusing the Sharifs of misappropriating United Kingdom aid money.

In a note published under Clarifications and Corrections, the daily accepted that “Mr Sharif has never been accused by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) of any wrongdoing in relation to British public money or DFID grant aid.” The paper, the daily said, was “pleased to make this clear and apologise to Mr Sharif for this error.”


Others were no less forgiving. Columnist Cyril Almeida in a pithy tweet also challenged the British journalist by saying that the removal of Daily Mail article contradicted his tweets.

Aviation reporter Tahir Imran Mian tweeted, "When you are in a hole the first thing you should do is stop digging."

Investigative journalist Wasim Abbasi added how "Daily Mail has promised it will work with Google to remove every link that contained allegations of corruption against the incumbent prime minister, based on Daily Mail’s sensational but false article."