Violence in Balochistan


The horrifying incident in Sahiwal raises questions about the credibility of the Counter Terrorism Department. To ensure an impartial investigation, a JIT was formed and it was tasked to present its report within 72 hours. PM Imran Khan announced a few million rupees for the children who lost their parents and became orphans. Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar visited the children and offered his and the state’s cooperation.

What JIT presents in its report is the subject of another debate but law enforcement agencies are never probed about the brutalities they mete out to the people of Balochistan, who have seen numerous such incidents along enforced disappearances since 1969. Unfortunately, many have been abducted and killed without ever getting a chance for a fair trial.

Punjab has always been portrayed as a seat of privilege. Prime Minister Imran khan is supposed to change this perception by taking immediate reforms against those who are supposed to provide security but actually act as oppressors.

Hadia Batool,

Via e-mail.

On strike


Skardu Hospital’s paramedical staff is on strike due because the local government is failing to fulfill its commitments. The strike has been going on for many days and the only people who are suffering are poor people who are turned away from the hospital because there is no one to take care of them. Even emergency cases are not taken up.

It is unfortunate that the local government is doing nothing nor is the Health Department of GB paying attention. Patients are helpless, hospitals are closed and staff grievances are not being addressed. What other things keep our rulers occupied, if not these problems of the people?

Zahid Ali,


Noise pollution


Noise pollution is unwanted or excessive sound that can have damaging effects on human health. Noise pollution is commonly generated inside many industrial facilities and some other workplaces, but it also comes from highways, railways, and airplane traffic and from outdoor construction activities.

The human eardrum is a very sensitive organ with a large dynamic range. Noise at certain levels and long durations of exposure can cause physical damage to the eardrum and sensitive hair cells of the inner ear. This can result in temporary or permanent hearing loss. In addition to causing hearing loss, excessive noise exposure can also raise blood pressure and pulse rates, cause irritability, anxiety, and mental fatigue, and interfere with sleep, recreation, and personal communication.

Road traffic and aircraft noise increase the risk of high blood pressure, especially noise exposure at night. Aircraft noise is majorly associated with increased risks for strokes, coronary heart disease, and cardiovascular disease in nearby areas. Emotional response is related to noise annoyance. This describes the negative feelings noise can create such as disturbance, irritation, dissatisfaction and nuisance.

The government should take a proper action to control noise pollution for better health of the people.

Abrar Khan,

Via e-mail.

Mobile world


I am writing this letter with a mix of enthusiasm, sincerity and concern. I am just going to talk about the millennial generation (millennials).

To begin with, we are all in the technological world, vying for access to the Internet so that we can outshine others. All of us should recall that the basic education is key to all the problems we have. For instance, we need education for personal growth and confidence.

Technology is always welcome and vital. But these millennials are always hooked to their gadgets. They are lost in the mobile world often without realizing what is happening around them. Despite being talented, they rarely read and buy newspapers.

I, for my part, started reading English newspapers and even writing to them during my college years like 1998.

As a Tamil medium student, I had traversed and gone through the rough path down the years in the matter of learning the many facets of English. And I had then started listening to English news bulletins on radio, sitting on the floor of my house in Tuticorin.

There are plenty of English newspapers across the world. They give a plethora of information about the world. In short, there are details in abundance.

Millennials should understand this fact. They should get out of the mobile world more often and think of the real world around them. They should buy newspapers wherever they go, or subscribe to English newspapers and magazines.

Senthil Saravana Durai,

Via email.  

Yellow vests


A protest-turned movement is the daily topic of the debate in France as it continues to hurt the country’s economy badly.

Protesters have chosen yellow vest jackets as a symbol of high-visibility. As per French law, since 2008, all French motorists are required to have yellow vests in their vehicles, which these days, protesters are wearing to make their presence felt. Unrest continues as the long list of grievances of yellow vest protesters continues to grow. These demands include President Macron’s resignation, increase in minimum wages, reintroduction of solidarity tax on wealth and lower fuel tax.

Recent news reports suggest that 60 percent of speed cameras in France were knocked out by the protestors, raising concern for more violent protests.

President Macron must give serious thought to the demands of the protesters before it gets too late.

Mariam Abbas,