SUCH GUP: Economical With The Truth

SUCH GUP: Economical With The Truth

Economical with the truth

When the harassed lady says she and her husband were kept in month-long custody at the Premier Palace, she is being economical with the truth. The lady, harassed by the former chief NABber, first took her plaint to a leading television channel. When they didn’t bite, she put her complaint on The Great Khan’s portal. The Khan’s dirty tricks brigade pounced upon the opportunity and made contact with the lady. They took her videos off her and broadcast them on their pet channel. Thereafter, they had the ex-Chief NABber by the short and curly. He in turn called up his protectors in the Praetorian Guard and lamented that their whole accountability mantra rested on his tired shoulders and asked if they were now going to allow The Khan to throw him under the bus. The head of the Praetorian Guard then summoned his chief spook (AM at the time) and asked him to do the needful. We hear the latter expressed his reluctance, whereupon the matter was delegated to the usual trouble shooter who has since fallen from grace. The poor lady and her husband were then made guests of the state, in some nondescript, safe place. But they were never lodged at the Premier Palace. The point being that the couple is clearly petrified of calling out their real captors. Will justice be meted out to them?

Open doors

When The Great Khan says his “doors are open”, he doesn’t mean that he’s amenable to dialogue with his political foes. He means he’s desperate for The Neutrals to make up with him. He has been counselled by some of his stalwarts to reach out to his rival politicos and settle matters. And these are those of his horde who are realistic and don’t see The Khan’s prospects brightening up in the near future. They may also be striving to find berths in other political parties. However, The Khan is not biting. He’s been told he has a strong lobby within The Neutrals and that is exerting pressure where it matters on his behalf. The result of all this is that The Khan has distanced himself from those who advocate dialogue with the political parties. Amongst these are Chory Eff & The Skeletal One from KPK. Which begs the question: who has The Khan’s ear these days? The answer is Gill The Bitter Pill, A Sad Age, the Makedoom of Multan and other sundries. The latter two are clear contenders for the apres Khan scenario — they think they will pick up the pieces at the time.

Stayed his hand

That infamous minister of The Great Khan who was one of the architects of the bogus drugs case against Rana S, was for the chop but then something changed. He’s had a lucky reprieve, it seems, however temporary. We hear Rana S was at the ready with sharpened knives to go for the former minister but his hand has been stayed. No prizes for guessing who’s stayed his hand. Lest we forget the gent who spearheaded the move against Rana S was a man in khaki. So, naysayers are convinced that this is one case which may never see the light of day. Yeh jo dehshatgardi hai ….