Times of Pakistan Launches Nationwide Digital Literacy Programme In Educational Institutes

The programme will have a strong emphasis on digital literacy and income opportunities for students nationwide

Times of Pakistan Launches Nationwide Digital Literacy Programme In Educational Institutes

Moving into the age of digital vantage, Times of Pakistan has moved its operations to social media platforms and is now set to launch a national campaign aimed at transcending the dampened conditions of educational institutes where students struggle to create balance in their finances and crucial contiguity with their educational endeavours.

This honing journey, scheduled around a randomly selected plethora of national educational institutes, aims to equip the average student in the nation with sufficient skills to make a living from smaller profitable chunks of assignment-based projects and, ultimately, what is now trending in the world as “freelancing.”

However, the claims made by Times of Pakistan (Private) Limited state that the campaign will address and educate the willing participants on many advanced aspects of media and journalistic treatments rather than mere skill development.

The lack of interaction between media and the common populace has left some questions regarding the functionality of media agencies in Pakistan, leading to an exponential rise in suspicions among the people, as stressed by the Times of Pakistan’s Editor-in-Chief, Hassan Mustafa, in his latest speech made at the company’s original headquarters in Jhelum, which has been operational since 2002.

“This rift could only be removed if the upcoming generations have profuse knowledge about the inner mechanics of the world that is home to journalism and media activities in the bestirring digital age,” he said.

In addition, while going into detail about the benefits of taking practical charge in this area, he also emphasised the international opportunities that the common student can avail himself/herself of if he/she is well-versed in the skills required to generate and propagate original content, which is vital in every business in the world at this moment. In comparison, they pointed out that traditional ways of marketing and brand re-inventions have been discontinued at a larger scale, and tactics for effective promotions have now swept even the smallest of businesses as well.

Given these requirements, the Times of Pakistan media team has formulated an introductory path for the institutes they plan to visit during this campaign. This path will allow more people, especially young students from all areas of education, to become renowned copywriters, editors, journalists, news reporters, and content creators.

The campaign will not be limited to media-related fields, but it will be based on inviting students from arts backgrounds and students pursuing careers in applied branches of knowledge. This enrichment of comprehension will generate competent students who will move on to become stable, more reliant citizens of the nation.

According to the claims made by Times of Pakistan, students will be able to communicate in the real world and on digital platforms efficiently, and they will be able to deal with multiple clients to provide quality services at the end of the introductory lessons. It will increase their chances of employment as most companies require effective communication capabilities from their employees, and it will help the potential future professionals gain an advantage in the global marketplace.

In order to maximise the results of this experience, Times of Pakistan is considering launching a platform where field experts from journalism can share their experiences regarding maintaining every aspect of responsibility in the workplace while ensuring ample income resources. Presumably, free webinars, practical skills, and tools will be provided to the students to increase their exposure to actual office-based experiences and prepare them for future opportunities.

The media agency has not shared further details of the project, and the overall project description was discussed by company executives and editors at a closed event. The highlights of the campaign were then briefly disclosed to the media staff in attendance.