‘Not Just One Institution Is Respectable’, Khan Responds to ISPR 

‘Not Just One Institution Is Respectable’, Khan Responds to ISPR 
While responding to a recent statement issued by Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) that condemned the accusations leveled by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan against the serving major general of the army for the assassination attack on him in Wazirabad during the public rally, Khan said that not just one institution is respectable in the country.

He expressed these remarks in a video statement while traveling to Islamabad to attend the court hearing. He said that not just one institution is respectable, adding that he is the chief of the largest political party in the country. He stated that the entire nation has known him for the last 50 years.


Khan claimed that he could prove that the army officer was involved in the assassination attack on him. He added that he tried to kill him twice.

He stated that despite being prime minister at the time, he was unable to nominate the army officer in an FIR. He claimed that the army officer sabotaged the investigation and that four personnel of the Counter Terrorism Department (CD) changed their statements during the probe.

He alleged that DPO Gujrat and CCPO CTD blocked him from joining the investigation. "How was that behind that?" he questioned.

The PTI chief alleged that ISI took over the Islamabad Judicial Complex an evening before his hearing and that their personnel was present there in the uniform of lawyers and CTD. He claimed that they had a plan to kill him there, alleging that a brigadier was also there who was monitoring everything.

Imran Khan said that the mother of slain journalist Arshad Sharif also accused the same army officer of killing his son in Kenya.

He said that the army should launch a probe against his officer as it will enhance the credibility of the institution.

He also urged the authorities concerned to not deploy a heavy contingent of personnel at the court today at the cost of taxpayers, adding that you should bring warrants if you have them, and he will surrender to police immediately.

Imran Khan said that currently there is no case against him, but he is now mentally prepared to go to jail. He further said that he is even ready to sacrifice his life, adding that death is better than living in slavery.