Chef's Garden Café Offers A Truly Organic Experience In Scenic Bhurban

Homegrown fruits and vegetables, organic eggs, and free-range chickens take centre stage, ensuring each dish is nutritious and delicious

Chef's Garden Café Offers A Truly Organic Experience In Scenic Bhurban

Pearl-Continental Hotel Bhurban, one of the country's most picturesque resorts, is thrilled to unveil the new Chef's Garden Café, a scenic organic herbal garden perfect for nature enthusiasts and food connoisseurs. The garden covers over 28,000 square feet of the Hotel's hillside and grows more than 40 varieties of vegetables and herbs, making it Pakistan's most extensive organic garden.

The opening ceremony welcomed esteemed guests, including the General Officer Commanding 12 Division, Commanding Officers, Hashoo Group associates, nature enthusiasts, and hotel guests. Delicious hors d'oeuvres made with produce from the garden, refreshing herbal teas, and colorful mocktails were also served during the event, complementing the vibrant atmosphere.

Chef's Garden Cafe offers an impressive array of ingredients for its culinary creations. From basil-infused bruschetta to rosemary-roasted chicken, the menu promises a celebration of wholesome goodness. Homegrown fruits and vegetables, organic eggs, and free-range chickens take center stage, ensuring each dish is nutritious and delicious. 

Guests are encouraged to wander through the garden, immersing themselves in the beauty of nature while learning about the herbs' origins, benefits, and food pairings. A charming Garden Library stocked with books on foliage, forests, mountains, herbs, and gardening is also present. Guests can perch on the hanging swings to bask in the sun and savour this unique collection of books.

Nadeem Riaz Chaudhry, Cluster General Manager of Pearl-Continental Hotel Bhurban, praised the efforts of the concerned teams, especially the horticulture department led by Muhammad Yaqoob, Cluster Horticulture Manager of Pearl-Continental Hotel Bhurban. "This garden will be the most sought-after spot at Pearl-Continental Hotel Bhurban this summer, with its unobstructed views of the Himalayan range, aromatic herbs, swings, library, the fantastic herb-infused food and the birds that visit this beautiful sanctuary, adding to its tranquil ambience," he remarked.

The opening of Chef's Garden Cafe on May 6th coincided with World Herb Day, underscoring its dedication to organic and sustainable practices.

With rejuvenating mountainside escapes and unique farm-to-fork dishes, Chef's Garden Cafe beckons with its scenic charm and organic delights, promising an unforgettable experience for all who visit Pakistan's most beautiful resort.