Noor Mukadam Case: Harrowing CCTV Footage Reveals Victim Tried To Escape Multiple Times

Noor Mukadam Case: Harrowing CCTV Footage Reveals Victim Tried To Escape Multiple Times
Transcript of the CCTV footage in the Noor Mukadam case has brought to light some distressing events that unfolded before and after the crime. It showed Noor running towards the gate barefoot in a bid to exit the house. However, a watchman could be seen shutting the gate at her and Zahir Jaffer later dragged her inside the house.

The transcript of the video was given to the defence lawyers. It says that the time of the DVR camera which recorded the video was 35 minutes ahead of Pakistan Standard Time (PST).

In the video, Noor Mukadam was seen entering accused Zahir Jaffer's house on July 18. She was talking over the phone while walking in. A watchman, Iftikhar, employed at Zahir's house, was also present on the scene as Noor came inside.

Later, at around 2.40 AM, Noor Mukadam and Zahir Jaffer were seen coming out of the house. They were holding some bags which they kept in a taxi and then got back in.

Another videos shows how Noor Mukadam tried to run but was stopped by the watchman who shut the gate.

The transcript also reveals that Zahir Jaffer came to the gate and grabbed Noor who asks him to let go of her. The victim was then dragged inside the house by Jaffer. Later at 2.46 AM, both could be seen leaving in a taxi that was parked outside the house.

They then enter the house again with the bags they had left in the taxi. At 7.12pm, Noor was seen jumping off the terrace on the grill of the ground floor. She then ran towards the main gate, but the watchman and the gardener shut the door. Zahir Jaffer then jumped from the first floor and grabbed her, pushing her back in.

The prime accused was then seen locking Noor Mukadam in a cabin inside the house. He then opened the cabin's door and snatched her mobile phone before dragging her back to the house.