Whoever thinks I’m about to be ousted is delusional (believe me, I should know). I am here to stay, along with my entire menagerie of circus performers, acrobats, crystal ball gazers, outright liars, snakes in the grass, elephants in the room, sheep in wolves clothing, lambs to the slaughter etc etc.

Here’s a summary of the latest garbage from my factory of warped ideas:

  1. All school going children will have to go to school.

  2. All married women will have to stay married.

  3. All opposition politicians will have to go to jail.

  4. All women named Maryam Nawaz will be banned from politics forever.

  5. All generals who urge their boss to stop supporting my decrepit, failed government will be court martialed.

  6. All IMF loans will come to an end as soon all the above are accomplished.

I’m not done yet. I have lots of other gibberish thoughts knocking about in my cerebral vortex. Some of these are as follows:

  1. a)All rapists are rapists because they are not robots.

  2. b)All women who wear black abayas are worthy of respect.

  3. c)All women who don’t are not.

  4. d)All black abaya wearing women can’t be soothsayers.

  5. e)All black abaya wearing women who are soothsayers can predict the future.

  6. f)All black abaya wearing women become soothsayers when they are being fed by the ISI.

  7. g)All the ISI’s plans when told in advance to black abaya wearing women soothsayers who then tell me about them as though they were revelations become most convincing when they come to pass because the ISI makes them happen.

Phew! That was a very long sentence which has exhausted my powers of unreason and anyway, I really ought to take a break from this now because I have recently tested positive for imbecility.

Im the Dim