'PML-N Shouldn't Be Under False Impression On Establishment's Neutrality'

'PML-N Shouldn't Be Under False Impression On Establishment's Neutrality'
The ruling party is under the impression that the establishment will remain completely neutral with regard to Imran Khan's possible return to power, but they shouldn't be, according to Awais Babar.

"Decisions change", the legal expert told Khabar Say Aagay host Raza Rumi. Citing a number of examples, Babar advised the ruling party to choose its path carefully and strategise its electoral decisions.

On LHC's decision to suspend the ECP order, he said that the complainants should have been asked to approach the IHC instead.

In a landmark ruling, the court suspended the order of the Election Commission of Pakistan to denotify 43 lawmakers of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. It also temporarily postponed by-polls in the constituencies represented by the denotified lawmakers until further notice.

The conduct of PTI members should have been the basis of the honourable court's decision, especially in terms of their attendance in the Parliament, he added.

"These are unusual circumstances, deserving a more detailed review for an all-encompassing decision," Babar maintained.

Analyst Murtaza Solangi termed separate national and provincial elections incomprehensible, saying it won't be the right move.

Speaking on the occasion, Raza Rumi noted the masses and the institutions are hostage to the current political crisis.

He said that those who ere behind Project Imran should accept the responsibility of their doing, which has pushed the country into a difficult situation.

According to an analysis, PTI members are getting relief from the courts and this indicates that they still have support from a part of the establishment.

In this scenario, establishment’s oft-quoted claims of neutrality don’t seem to be true, Mubashir Bukhari said.

Earlier today, the LHC ordered the ECP to immediately announce the date for elections in Punjab. In its much-anticipated verdict, the court ruled that the electoral authority was bound to carry out elections within 90 days of the assembly’s dissolution.

The plea, filed by the former ruling party, was admitted last month. In a more recent development, party’s chief Imran Khan threatened a ‘jail bharo’ movement if the polling schedule wasn't announced.

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