31 Palestinian Journalists Currently Detained In Israeli Prisons 

‘The imprisoned journalists are mostly being held without any charge.’

31 Palestinian Journalists Currently Detained In Israeli Prisons 

At least 31 Palestinian journalists have been detained in Israeli prisons since October 7, with only one being released thus far, Al Jazeera reported.

Israel has only released Diaa al-Kahlout, the Gaza correspondent for Al Araby Al Jadeed, on Tuesday.

According to the RSF, the majority of the remaining imprisoned journalists are kept without prosecution. They all work for Palestinian media organizations or as freelancers.

"This unprecedented wave of arrests and detentions, while the war continues in the Gaza Strip, has clearly been carried out with the deliberate aim of silencing the Palestinian media," the RSF said.

On the other hand, despite worldwide calls for more help to be allowed in, the World Health Organization said on Tuesday that its ability to offer relief and support struggling hospitals in war-torn Gaza was "shrinking."

WHO officials described terrible sights of badly injured patients, including small children, begging for food at hospitals, prompting the majority of their health workers to flee for their own safety.

"We're seeing this humanitarian catastrophe unfold before our eyes," Sean Casey, a WHO emergency medical teams coordinator, told reporters in Geneva via videolink from the Gaza Strip.

"We're seeing the health system collapse at a very rapid pace," he said.