Fact-Check: Is Pervez Musharraf On Ventilator?

Fact-Check: Is Pervez Musharraf On Ventilator?
The family of former president Pervez Musharraf has clarified that he is not on a ventilator, but added that he has been hospitalised for the past three weeks and 'recovery is not possible'.

Issuing a statement through Musharraf's Twitter account, the family said, "He is not on the ventilator. [He] has been hospitalised for the last 3 weeks due to a complication of his ailment (Amyloidosis)," adding that he is going through a difficult time where recovery is no longer possible, and all his organs are malfunctioning.


The family requested everyone to pray for 'ease in his daily living'.

The statement came after reports began circulating claiming that the former president had been put on the ventilator after his health had severely deteriorated. People on social media went a step further and started tweeting about his demise.

Musharraf's family first broke news of his illness in 2018, when they announced that he was suffering from a rare disease called amyloidosis.

The party's Overseas President Afzaal Siddiqui had said that Musharraf's condition had "weakened his nervous system". At the time he was being treated in London.

Musharraf was indicted in 2014 for subverting the Constitution in 2007, and subsequently in 2016, he left the country to seek medical treatment, and hasn't returned since.

A special court handed him a death sentence in 2019 over the charges of high treason.