Who Is Hamza Shahbaz's Stylist, And Can They Please Be Fired?

Who Is Hamza Shahbaz's Stylist, And Can They Please Be Fired?
You can call Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shehbaz many things, but you can't say he's not absurdly confident. Because nothing short of absurd confidence would let anyone walk out of the house wearing some of the outfits the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader has been seen wearing.

Let us be the first to say this: there is nothing wrong with vibrant colors, and there's nothing wrong with men wearing said vibrant colors. Our gripe isn't about gender, it's about the crime being committed against fashion. The patterns on patterns on patterns. The criminal color combination. Why, Hamza, why?

Let's start off relatively tame. This is fairly demure for the politician, but we might just consider this the beginning of his obsession with checkered Tartan prints.

Then we get some color. Here we have a coordinated blue on blue set, and of course, the ever-present checkered waistcoat. Still fairly acceptable. It's a tad too coordinated, and maybe the plaid is a bit big, but it's acceptable still.

And then we have this number, which is also, not bad. The colors kind of work together, he almost looks like he's off to go hunting, which maybe means the outfit, while not bad, isn't too great for a parliamentarian?

And then, things start to get a little crazy.

And then even more crazy. (He really loves Tartan prints, doesn't he?)


Suddenly, people think he's competing with Ranvir Singh.


Perhaps we need to get a better look at that yellow number, because it is...definitely something.

This seems like a very valid reason to change your political affiliations, because that turquoise on blue is deadly.



And we haven't even started on his scarves yet. If there's anything the chief minister loves more than a good checkered print, it's a big bold scarf.

Or how about stripes? Also why does he drape them like that?


Oh look, tartan and scarves. Two for one.

And more purple. Waistcoat. Plaid. Scarf. What more could the people want?

Maybe a bright fuschia plaid scarf?

What can we say? The guy really loves scarves and patterns.

While we may not necessarily want to follow Hamza's fashion advice, we can definitely learn a lesson in self-confidence and wearing whatever makes you feel comfortable, even if the world takes playful jabs at you.