Teacher At MAO College Who Allegedly Harassed A Student May Be Transferred To An All Boys College

A teacher at the Government Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental (MAO) College has been accused of sexual harassment by a female student. The teacher may be transferred to an all-boys college on the recommendations of the committee which investigated the complaint.

The victim, a student of the Psychology Department, reported the alleged harassment to the Punjab Colleges assistant director who was visiting the college. She told the director that a male teacher had been harassing her and another fellow student.

“The teacher sent inappropriate messages and asked us to meet him outside the college’s premises if we want to get good marks,” the student claimed.

The official asked the students to submit a complaint to the college principal. He was told that they had already done so.

The college principal said only one student had reported the alleged harassment and some others had recorded their statements for an inquiry. The principal further said that a five-member inquiry committee, headed by a professor and two female teachers, was formed to investigate the complaint.

A report prepared by the committee suggested that the accused teacher should be transferred to an all-boys college. The suggestion has been sent to the provincial education department.

A report to take action against the teacher under the Punjab Employees Efficiency Discipline and Accountability (PEEDA) Act was sent to the education secretary but no progress has been made in this regard.