Petitioner, Eyewitnesses And Legal Team In Nazim Jokhio Murder Case Receiving Threats From Sardars: Lawyer

Petitioner, Eyewitnesses And Legal Team In Nazim Jokhio Murder Case Receiving Threats From Sardars: Lawyer
Lawyer Muhammad Khan Sheikh has spoken out on threats to the life of those seeking justice in the Nazim Jokhio murder case, including the petitioner, eyewitnesses and the legal team. Speaking to journalists, Sheikh said that he had told the court about these threats in the form of phone-calls from notables, demanding that they “back off.”

Muhammad Khan Sheikh told journalists:
“Last night I got phone-calls from some sardars (chiefs), who I will not name at this moment, because I respect them personally and I am acquainted with them. However, I told them that I am willing to lose my head. I have told their names to some friends, and if something happens [to me], then their names will be pointed out.”

The lawyer called for protection to be provided to the legal team, the petitioner and various eyewitnesses.

In his comments to the media, Sheikh also reiterated his view that the investigation had not been conducted correctly and that the procedures were being manipulated. He said:
“We stressed before the court that neither has the investigation been done properly, nor do we hope for it. It has been six days and the [victim’s] clothes have not been recovered, nor has the mobile phone been found. There is no progress in the case.”

Sheikh once again emphasised the view that sections pertaining to terrorism should be added to the charges. The counsel for the prosecution, on behalf of the brother of the victim, Afzal Jokhio, had earlier submitted a petition highlighting what they see as flaws in the investigation and calling for the charge of terrorism to be added. The Judicial Magistrate in Malir had asked the investigation officer to look into the question of whether the case merits the inclusion of a terrorism charge.

A postmortem examination for the body of Nazim Jokhio, conducted at the Jinnah Post-Graduate Medical Centre (JPMC), has revealed marks of severe torture.

Nazim Jokhio had made a video as he stopped a car with foreign license number and asked the occupants about their hunting of the houbara bustard in Thatta. These individuals threatened Jokhio and tried to take away his mobile phone. As the video went viral, Jokhio was found dead at Memon Goth, Malir. The family accuse PPP MPA Jam Awais of his murder. Allegations have arisen that the foreign visitor at the scene was from a Gulf Arab background. The police investigation in the Nazim Jokhio murder case has been expanded to include 11 people, including PPP MNA Jam Abdul Karim, who is the brother of prime accused MPA Jam Awais.