US Envoy Inaugurates 100th School Constructed With USAID Assistance In Sindh

‘This school is a facility that is not only a reflection of our collaboration with Sindh for rehabilitation but also for reconstruction’

US Envoy Inaugurates 100th School Constructed With USAID Assistance In Sindh

The Government High School Adam Khan Panhwar, located in the Sindhi district of Jacobabad, was inaugurated with the participation of US Ambassador Donald Blome.

Ambassador Blome expressed his joy at being able to attend the ceremony as a representative of the American government and its citizens.

The US ambassador also emphasized the importance of this school, emphasizing that it represents an important milestone as the 100th school to be built with assistance from the Sindh Basic Education Programme, a program started by USAID.

Speaking at the event, he expressed his pleasure at taking part in the school's inaugural ceremony on behalf of the American government and people. "This is the 100th school to be built with help from the Sindh Basic Education Programme of USAID," he continued.

In order to give people access to high-quality education, he stated, "The program's goal is to create contemporary schools in 10 districts of the Sindh province, including Jacobabad. We are aware that the disastrous floods from last year particularly struck schools and children. I've been to Sindh four times since the floods of last year. We want everyone to be aware that America is still around and actively engaged in the flood-damage recovery process.”

"We're devoted to helping you realize your goals for development and success. This school is a building that reflects both the repair and reconstruction efforts we have undertaken in partnership with Sindh. It isn't just a school. In addition to serving as a platform for communication between parents and the local community, it will also serve as a flood refuge for the community in times of need. He insisted that the school had up-to-date amenities like a computer, a science lab, and brand-new classrooms with furnishings,” he added.

The American envoy said that by 2023, 106 schools that will be established as part of the initiative will have educated more than 8,000 boys and girls to a high standard using the same model. He praised the head teacher, instructors, and pupils for the warm welcome and hospitality.

“I really appreciate the Sindh education minister's and the Department of School Education and Literacy's efforts to improve access to high-quality education, and I extend my congratulations to everyone who has made this possible. I'm interested in hearing how you employ this new institution for the benefit of the general public,” he added.