Such Gup

Such Gup

Under the radar

Of late, we hear a number of khakis have been appointed to prime positions in government, especially the outfit which is going to be building those long-awaited houses for the New Country. However, a novel approach has been adopted to sneak them in under the radar, given the resentment amongst those “ruddy civilians” that previous appointments have engendered.

The new appointments were kept off the cabinet agenda, says our mole, with no discussion when primus inter pares and his colleagues were duly assembled. Instead, an emergency device was employed which allows, in exceptional circumstances, to get the relevant ministers’ approval via “circulation”, ie runners go with files to ministers’ homes and get them to sign the required documents directly inducting the khakis into jobs normally meant for civilians. They needn’t have bothered. Most “civvies” have given up in any case.

For the high jump?

We hear there is some hand-wringing going on regarding The Great Khan’s choice of Takht Lahore’s “pullce” chief. It has now come to light that the gent has a beverage abuse issue, along with other vulnerabilities. A retired khaki governor, whom the gent served as a security chief in Mush’s reign, has confided to friends that he is uniquely unsuited for the job he has been given. The former guv confided that although the gent is intelligent, keen on reading and sociable, he is perhaps “too sociable” and even then, back in the day, nearly two decades ago, he was known for his prodigious intake. The guv also discovered long bouts of “cards sessions” that went on “at all hours”, and delivered a reprimand which was apparently heeded. But much water has flown since then, and the gent is a bit of a loose cannon. He may well be for the high jump soon.

In the Land of the Pure

A top official of a federal agency has been shifted from his seat on account of the help he rendered to that brave and uncompromising adjudicator’s family. He enabled them to complete their documents swiftly and appear fully armed before their inquisitors. All of this was merited of course, but even that is begrudged in this Land of the Pure. How tragic.