Book review | Arwah-e-Cheehant: An Excruciating Tale Of Love

Arwah-e-Cheehant is a book of love focusing on the culture of Baloch society and the challenges young people face.

Book review | Arwah-e-Cheehant: An Excruciating Tale Of Love

Love makes a man strong and enables him to fight against challenges. Pure love inspires a man to create his own world of imagination to narrate emotions such as love with  countless words.

Literature enables a water to express his feelings and emotions. Drawing strength from Nature, a writer has the power to catch the beauty of the world and communicate via words. A writer understands the power of love and literature that play a key role for making a fictional world come alive and interesting. 

Arwah-e-Cheehant by Mujahid Baloch is a Balochi story about a romance between two young students, a man and a woman. This book discusses the culture of Baloch society and focuses on how tough it is for a Baloch student to select his career field which relates according to his interest. It is also about how lives can be affected at a later stage due to the struggles people face in their youth.

In Balochistan one can find thousands of students in different institutions as they try to find their way in a specific department or field trying to figure out what to do for the future. Meeran is the main character who lives in a conservative society and like his peers is struggling to find out what he wants to do in life and where his interests lie. 

After completing his intermediate, he decides to go in Shall for further studies at University of Balochistan. While Meeran meets his friends, he asks them which department is better for him to pursue his career. He decides to take the entry test for the Balochi department. After taking the entry test he finds he is selected for that specific department and that too on merit. 

He joins his classes enthusiastically. On the first day, teacher asks to all students to introduce themselves. Everyone introduces and Meeran's eyes look towards the most beautiful girl of the department Mahgunag whose smile, pretty face and style dress becomes another story for Meeran. He loses himself in Mahgunag's beauty. 

Over time, their love becomes stronger. Both of them always think about each other and decide to marry. After the finishing University, they both go to home and talk to their families about marrying each. 

Meeran finds himself lost in his thoughts, just thinking and waiting of her call to make her happy by giving the news of marrying to each other. But he doesn't get any response from her.

After a long time, Meeran gets a call from her and finds her apologizing for not marrying him. She tells him her mistake of marrying another man and how she was now divorced. She tells Meeran that only he can save her life and make her happy if he married her. Meeran agrees to marry Mahgong. 

Meeran invites all his friends and cousins and they decide to travel to her village for their marriage. Unfortunately their car gets crushed on the way and they all die. Meanwhile Mahgunag waits in her bridal clothes for Meeran. 

This love story shows us how love compels a man to deal with every aspect of life. A compelling story it explores many themes that the Baloch youth grapple with and how it shapes their lives.