'AJK PM's Disqualification Over Contempt Is A Grave Injustice'

'AJK PM's Disqualification Over Contempt Is A Grave Injustice'
There are stay orders issued on the matter of taxes of an SC lawyer's clients. The AJK government wanted to complete a few projects in the region but the court had issued a stay order on those. This was bound to invite a reaction from a public representative. AJK PM's disqualification is an injustice, said journalist Abdul Qayyum Siddiqui, on Tuesday.

On the elections, he told Khabar Say Aagay host Raza Rumi that the ECP will advise the SC on the next steps on April 14, followed by the court decision.

He downplayed the ongoing talk of contempt proceedings against the PM, and said it can't be done so quickly.

Siddiqui termed it a difficult affair to arrange funds for polls. "This is not the account of the SC registrar where Malik Riaz's £190 million rest, neither the Dam Fund money which the SC used for investment."

He also said that the apex court can review the judicial reforms bill, but will will of the Parliament shall prevail.

Legal expert Raza Rahman observed that while there should be no scandalising of the judiciary, courts, too, should make decisions with everything in view.

He also observed that there is nothing wrong with the attempts to restructure the top judge's powers.

According to analyst Murtaza Solangi, AJK saw PTI's 'mushroom growth', though he disagreed with the way the premier was sent home. "The use of discretionary powers gives rise to dictatorial behaviours."

In a severe blow to PTI, the AJK High Court disqualified PM Sardar Tanveer Ilyas for contempt of court.

He was called before the Supreme Court and High Court of AJK for employing a “threatening tone” in one of his remarks, which led to the high court’s ruling.

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