Such Gup

Such Gup

Mystery man

There’s been much speculation about the mystery man who strode into the protesting crowd in Faisalabad on Dec 8 and fired live shots, as a result of which Haq Nawaz, a follower of The Great Khan, lost his life. All sorts of stories have done the rounds about the identity of the mystery man, with The Man of Steel & Co vehemently denying any links or knowledge. It now transpires that the man was an activist of the Hafiz’s network, the one that’s famous for Bombay 2008, and the organization that gets a makeover and name change every so often. And everyone knows whose pet the Hafiz is – so the question arises, whodunit?

Amusing vignette

Our mole made an amusing sketch of the scene at a recent meeting of a public sector corporation. Apparently, The Man of Steel was being briefed about the changes afoot at our benighted national airline. The presentation was made by a gent seated next to The Man, who used a laser pointer pen to mark his arguments on the screen. The presentation over, The Man began to idle with the laser pointer and aimed it at the flower arrangement nearby, tracing the patterns and thus amusing himself during a boring meeting.

For a change

Here are two heartening snippets, for a change. One, that determined as Hubby is to secure the neighbourhood around his home in Karachi – and there is justification given the murderous attacks on the family – he’s bought an insolvent neighbour’s home at twice the asking price. Two, that General Bobby has made it known to friends and family that he will not entertain sifarish.

Long may it last, we say.