Leaders will recall London’s famous embankment along the river Thames. It was built in 1862 in Queen Victoria’s reign by Sir Joseph Bazalgette. The entire embankment and the river steps were constructed from Cornwall granite. The quarried stone was shaped into blocks on site before being loaded on barges and transported up the Channel into the Thames. The Embankment came to incorporate sewers, underground railways and passageways over which a wide road and riverside walkway were built and run today, shored up by sturdy retaining walls. Acres and acres of land were reclaimed to build this marvel which remains one of London’s distinguishing landmarks.

In his salad days, The Great Khan was mightily impressed with The Embankment. So, when it came to his reign, he called a meeting of experienced officials and other worthies, to plan the River Ravi Urban Development Project whereby 35 million residents will be accommodated on 40,000 hectares of land. The inspiration however, in The Great Khan’s mind, remains London’s Embankment. Accordingly, he asked the assembled officials to propose how that dream could be realised. One official had the temerity to say that the Embankment vision practical for several reasons. The Khan would have none of it, we hear; he told the official that he had had enough with “excuses” and that he wanted someone to “get on with the job”. Whereupon, the well regarded official sought a transfer and a yes man took his place.


The rumour mills are part of the industry to keep the Opposition confused and disunited, and somehow get The Great Khan past the post. The latest buzz has The Man of Steel’s nephew ascending Takht Lahore. This should keep the perennial hopefuls in The Man’s camp busy; on the other hand Billy The Kid is nursing hopes of becoming premier and this is feeding into his Party’s reluctance to put in their papers with the others. Nothing but lollipops, distractions to ensure that The Khan stays put.